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Why do we bite the tongue?


Everyone has this ever happened to us. Talking, eating, laughing… The thing is that in most of the time, if not all, do not give greater importance than being “a little goofy” or assume that sometimes things happen, such as biting the tongue.

But from the blog of Clinica Prario we explain that chance and what is not so strange are related to your playful tongue is chewed more than usual.

First, it is necessary to mention that although it seems very common and usual  does not happen as often as you can imagine. Chewing food may seem easy, but it’s more complicated than you think. Your tongue is in a vulnerable position when biting the food.


The muscles of the jaw and tongue are regulated by motor neurons, which in turn are controlled by a different group known as premotor neurons. The chewing process, therefore, is an activity that can consciously control, but if you stop paying attention, these neurons aforementioned begin to do everything for you.


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The leading cause of biting your tongue can be a sloppy chewing. This is probably something you do often, because it happens when you’re chewing and doing more at once: talk, pick something, read … This is remediable paying more attention to chewing. As for the second cause, it may be due to some kind of mismatch in the teeth (perhaps due to a disorder of the jaw joint) as misaligned teeth cause pinching tongue and / or cheeks. Derived from this, the brain corrects this lack of proper alignment putting something between his teeth. Needless to say you what, right?

If this happens to you, come visit and tell you how to fix it.


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