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Myths and truths about toothbrushing


About the toothbrushing have said and written many things. Many truth. Some others lie. And among so remove straw and observe what really matters, we will try to make clear certain points that shed some light on these issues.


1. Tooth brushing should be done with care and attention at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Be sure to brush all sides of your teeth (yes, teeth are everywhere, in case you had not noticed) and tongue. It is recommended that one of those times is BEFORE sleeping for a very simple reason: your mouth is not the same salivary protection when you sleep when you’re awake.

2. If you can, brush after lunch without toothpaste. Use much toothpaste can also discolor your teeth due to fluoride content. This brush during the day will reduce the damage caused by plaque through products and toxins. Do not squeeze, it is not necessary, and neither is to apply a lot of pressure on them because they can damage the enamel and gums.

3. Use a brush with bristles dry the first two minutes of cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, is not the toothpaste that “clean” your teeth, if not it is exercised by you with the brush and its bristles in physical contact with the tooth surface which eliminates motion plate . You can do a great job brushing your teeth with a dry brush and by rinsing with water (even if your teeth will not have the benefit of fluoride). We recommend using a soft brush or ultra soft if your gums are sensitive, to avoid bleeding heavily from them.

4. Spend time brushing the gums and underneath them, it is the most important place that must be left clean. You can continue with the pulp after those two minutes you’ll have the advantage of fluoride, bleach or any effects that take your regular dental gel. Spend gum to the tooth surface while you brush.



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