What is endodontics?

Commonly known as “killing the nerve” endodontics is the treatment of dental pulp (nerve) that is located inside the tooth, in order to maintain healthy teeth and functional.

When is necessary?

Endodontics is done when the nerve of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected by:

  • deep caries
  • trauma (hit)
  • gum disease, etc.

This nerve damage causes prolonged pain to cold and heat, discoloration or swelling, but may also be affected and not create significant discomfort.

What is the treatment?

In access to ducts tooth roots to remove the diseased nerve. After cleaning and disinfection, the interior of the tooth will be sealed with a medicine, and ready for your general dentist to rebuild the crown.

Why microscope?

Using magnification we succeeded in realizing an effective, safe, and predictable endodoncy, because the dental microscope provides enhanced visualization of the teeth, allowing more easily to treat anatomically complex teeth .

Similarly, the use of specific instruments to perform these treatments (ultrasonic tips, rotary files, apex locator, etc.) facilitate endodontic tooth conservation, improving forecast long term tooth.

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