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Sleeping with dentures increases the risk of pneumonia


A recent study found that people who sleep with mainly older dentures, increase the risk of developing a serious lung disease, such as pneumonia.
According to this new information, conducted by a team from Nihon University of Dentistry in Japan, people put dentures during sleep are left at increased risk to develop this respiratory disease compared to individuals who do not have that habit, considered unhygienic. The study was published in the Journal of Dental Research.

Dentures may be our best friend... or our worst enemy.

Dentures may be our best friend… or our worst enemy.


Oral hygiene is closely related to oral health, and when it is deficient, represents one of the major risk factors for developing pneumonia being a much more common among elderly status, population group most affected by this phenomenon.

This risk in turn was compared with other conditions such as cognitive impairment, history of stroke and respiratory disease. But also was observed among patients using dentures, and careless about the hygiene of these, they were more likely to have gum inflammation and presence of candida albicans, a very detrimental to the overall health fungus.

The study also highlighted the importance of accounting for the elderly (including those who wear dentures) performing oral hygiene programs that focus on prevention of pneumonia.



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