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Common dental diseases after Christmas


Back to the grind. After surviving the holidays, is it touches. But these excesses are doing and what we nick manera.A physical level, is clearly seen. But also in our mouths things happen that cause us oral diseases.


Some of the most common after these past dates, are these:

Toothache. If it hurts the mouth may be due to a toothache usually caused by caries or periodontal disease. Sometimes, a toothache is a symptom of accumulation of pus inside the tooth.

Tooth sensitivity. If you feel chills in the teeth when taking hot or cold foods (although we are not betting) we would play with you a few Euros you suffer dental hypersensitivity. This painful, acute and brief sensation suffers one in four adults due to caries, fractured teeth, fillings or worn enamel or gingivitis among other cases.
Bleeding or sore gums. Bleeding or swollen gums can be a symptom of gingivitis. Calm, all is not bad because it is a reversible early stage of periodontitis or simply too aggressive brushing. If bleeding is regularly ask our specialists as soon as possible because your mouth is warning you that something is wrong.



Stained teeth. The natural color of teeth and their evolution are different in each person. Tarnish with age, like jewels, and have yellow tones that in most cases, external factors related to food, poor oral hygiene, use of medications should be. The good news: no influence on our dental health. The bad news: affects aesthetics.

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