Dental Clinic Prario. Childrens dental specialists and endodontics

Dental Clinic Prario. Childrens dental specialists and endodontics


   Dental Clinic Prario has been working in Benidorm for more than 25 years for the dental health of the patients. Inaugurated in 1988 by Dr. Jose Horacio Prario Ispizua, true driver of this family clinic, we have evolved technologically and adapting to the needs of our patients, until today become a center specialized in caring of children (pediatric dentistry) and root canal treatment (endodontics)

   For children with fear and anxiety to visit the dentist does not have to be a bad experience. The nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) is a very safe technique that is used for a long time in the United States and has been introduced some years ago in Spain. Nitrous oxide is a gas mixture administered through a nasal mask that produces a relaxing effect without losing consciousness, so that the child can assist in the treatment feeling safer and peaceful. Administration of this gas does not replace the need for local anesthesia, but it avoids the inconvenience that might occur during the placement of it. The nitrous oxide sedation is completely safe, as the gas is absorbed and eliminated quickly and the patient is awake at all times, keeping all natural reflexes. Dra Eugenia Prario, specialist in odontopediatrics, in cases where children are afraid or pain with their general dentist , apply this new technique of conscious sedation to treat dental cases without any problem or stress for the child.

  With the use of the dental microscope, in Clinica Dental Prario we have the ability to document clinical cases with photos and videos that let us explain to our patients in a didactic way the different phases of treatment. Using magnification Dr. Joaquin  Prario, specialist in endodontics and dental traumatology, realize an effective, safe, and predictable endodontic treatment, because the dental microscope provides enhanced visualization of the teeth, allowing to treat anatomically complex teeth .

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