Tooth decay: what they are, causes and related factors.


What is it?

A dental decay is the destruction or softening of enamel and dentin due to the erosive activity of a group of bacteria that acid (dental plaque) occur and are located on the teeth and their surfaces. It begins in the dental periphery, moving in depth, leading to physical and tangible expression in the form of cavities.


Causes of caries

Among the causes that can be found in the appearance of cavities, one of the most common dental problems among the population, a number of factors:

Factors related to the person.

The tooth: the probability of caries will be higher or lower depending on the morphology, composition, arrangement, texture and maturation of the enamel of the teeth of each individual.
Saliva: saliva has an important and central role in protection against tooth decay. When decreases the amount of saliva produced has shown an increased rate of decay.

Factors related to diet.

Diet plays a key role in the development of caries. Bacterial action is accelerated in the presence of certain carbohydrates in the diet, especially sugary foods that are in excess as candy, soda, honey, cakes and pastries, among other things.

If ingestion of sucrose usual, the PH permanently low and remineralization of enamel occurs, so caries incidence is higher if you eat between meals.


Factors related to time.

A longer exposure of the tooth to the acids produced by bacteria, increased risk of caries.

There was an increase in the percentage of teeth restored in all age groups. In fact, for the WHO (World Health Organization), “caries is the third health calamity after cardiovascular disease and cancer.”

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